The State of the Cloud is Strong

The year is 2020 and the State of the Cloud is strong. Some might say not only is the state of the cloud strong, but it’s also more present and critical than ever before.

Thanks to the Coronavirus, the world has seen a massive shift to adopting SaaS and Cloud…

Leverage your bash profile: practical tips for macOS and Linux users

If you’ve read any of my prior pieces, it’s not news how much I despise using GUIs of any kind. I advocate anyone who wants to improve productivity to lay off GUIs and start utilizing CLI utilities as much as possible.

Most Mac and Ubuntu users understand the power of…

Amazon Simple Storage Service, widely known as Amazon S3, is a highly scalable, fast, and durable solution for object-level storage of any data type. Unlike the operating systems we are all used to, Amazon S3 does not store files in a file system, instead it stores files as objects. Object…

Jovan Hernandez

Systems thinker, cloud engineer, market speculator

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